"We choose to sell only Narvi Oy sauna heaters because they offer the authentic Finnish sauna experience."

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Narvi Oy are proud to be the only 'Finnish key-flag' sauna heater brand available in the UK. The key flag is only awarded to Finnish companies whose  production is based 80% or more in Finland. Narvi's operations are 100% based in Finland. For the last 80 years their ethos has been simple and uncompromising, that proper Finnish sauna  should be Finnish-made and Finnish-designed, by skilled Finnish craftspeople, in the very heart of the Finnish countryside.

Narvi are a ‘customer-first’ brand who will always choose to focus on producing high quality, traditional and authentic sauna heaters, because the Narvi brand is first and foremost about doing sauna properly, not about profit margins. Narvi are truly passionate about Finnish sauna and thus their mission is a simple one: to deliver the finest löyly in the world!

Narvi Oy Sauna Heater Production
As any lover of sauna knows, a great löyly is about more than just the steam. Narvi heaters have an unrivalled stone capacity that ensure the perfect, soft heat. Their heaters are highly energy-efficient and have markedly low-emission,  famously producing the wood-burning Narvi NC16 sauna heater, that has the lowest emission in the world! Energy-efficiency is also about product lifespan, their heaters are produced with only the very highest quality materials and have an unbeatable build quality, meaning by the time you would need to replace a Narvi, you probably won’t remember when you bought it. The perfect löyly, or sauna atmosphere, is as much about aesthetics as it is about feeling, thus Narvi combine this durability, eco-friendliness and large stone capacity with attractive Nordic design.

Narvi NC 16 Stainless Steel Wood Burning Sauna Heater

Narvi's selection of sauna products consists of three ranges: Narvi, Aito and Kota. The Aito AK-47 heater is the quintessential traditional Finnish heat-storing sauna heater: it has served even the most demanding Finnish sauna-goers (including the Finnish Presidents) for decades and continues to receive nothing but praise. Kota is designed around the off-grid, summer house or cabin aesthetic: hard-wearing, simple yet effective and available with water heating features. Narvi’s own range remains the steadfast masters of the home sauna heater industry, creating the perfect fusion of every element required to make that perfect sauna experience!

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