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Bespoke sauna installation: Newton Valence, Hampshire

Jul 16, 2021


Barn conversion

If you are looking for barn conversion sauna ideas this bespoke barn sauna installation example in Newton Valence, Hampshire might provide you with some ideas and the inspiration you are looking for. The inclusion of a Finnish sauna forms part of a wider ongoing renovation project which also includes a gym set up and an impressive swimming pool. Our design process involved generating detailed CAD models to provide our client with a proposal that was thoroughly communicated through multiple plans and views.


Our client wanted a private, meditative, calm and relaxing space within the sauna to unwind in and practice yoga so chose not to include any windows. The striking step profile on the walls on either side of the Narvi velvet 9kw sauna heater mirrors the slats of the heater’s design and all of the other cladding is vertical which gives a striking contrast coupled with a neat and seamless finish. For any Finnish sauna heater, it is expected that there will be a lot of room for stones and that these stones can have lots of water poured onto them.


The more stones, the softer the steam and the more pleasant the heat. Without this, the distinctive löyly (pronounced ‘low-lou’) isn’t produced. The velvet has a large stone capacity and creates sumptuous and enveloping steam. It combines renowned Nordic design and efficiency, and the iconic heater has been developed with true sauna connoisseurs in mind. Hand-crafted fabrication ensures its quality and superior longevity.

Benches and vapour sealing

The sauna needed to fit within the confines of a bathroom and the client wanted to maximise the upper bench space so we designed deep upper benches and a raised floor. The finished set-up allows bathers to lie down and luxuriate in the heat and steam at the top of the sauna and under-bench skirting is included to hide the benches’ frame and to finish the look of the sauna. Vapour sealing is the primary barrier standing between the warm, wet air trying to escape the sauna and any wood beyond it at risk from mildew, mould, and rot. We used foil-backed Kingspan Sauna Satu polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board which works as both an insulator and vapour seal and will not break down over time.


Thermo treatment

Thermo aspen wood benches give a beautiful texture and colour. Our Karava thermo timbers are expertly created in Finland by heat-treating soft timber and during the process, steam is used as a protective gas and helps to prevent the aspen from splitting. The intense heat also deeply dries the aspen as moisture is removed and the finished product doesn’t react to humidity changes as prominently as untreated aspen. The risk of shrinkage, swelling and cracking is therefore greatly reduced. Bench frames made from Thermo spruce provide a strong, stable and durable structural base for the benches. Check out more pictures of the project at foxhole barns here.