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Bespoke sauna installation: North Wessex Downs, Berkshire

Mar 31, 2022

This breathtaking North Wessex Downs installation in Berkshire is now home to this stunning authentic Finnish sauna which we installed into an existing pool house. The upper and lower benches of our bespoke sauna installation have been specified at 900mm and 450mm respectively which is the perfect height to enjoy the löyly at the top of the sauna or to rest below in less intense heat. Under-bench skirting has also been included to hide the benches’ frame and to finish the look of the room.

Roden Park Indoor Home Sauna Installation



Fresh oxygenated air is drawn in via an intake vent located low down, behind the heater and a small gap under the door also helps to draw in the fresh air. The inclusion of a dump vent located near the ceiling can be used to release hot humid air if the sauna becomes uncomfortable, or to dry the room out after a sauna session. The exhaust vent is located just below the level of the lower bench. It is placed in this position in order to expel the cooler, sinking air. Siting it at this level also ensures that warm air is drawn down to avoid stratification, creating a pleasant temperature gradient.



Cedar is an extremely durable softwood which can easily keep its shape and integrity for many years. It has a straight grain, recognisable scent, and attractive, strong colouring and its shade can vary from light to dark red and even brown. It’s a hugely popular choice for sauna installations because of its durability and straight grain.It also has a natural resilience against rot and decay, along with antifungal properties and resistance to heat and moisture, making cedar an exceptional choice for Finnish sauna design. 

Timber is a central component of any sauna construction, and it is one that will have a substantial impact on the sauna’s cost, ambience, appearance, longevity, and durability. The timbers supplied and used in this installation have been selected exclusively from grade-A stocks and milled to an extremely fine standard. They are of the highest quality available and are exceptionally attractive and robust. We make it our mission to use FSC-approved timbers which have been sustainably sourced with extensive consideration for people, wildlife, and the environment.


We only use lighting products that have been designed specifically for the demanding environment of a hot, humid sauna. For this sauna design, LEDIFY NAUHA LED strips have been specified behind the backrest and the bench lips. They are highly water-resistant IP67 rated and come in 3000K warm white for a natural glow.

The heater

The impressive Tulikivi Tuisku XL 21kW has been specified to heat the ~24m3 room. The Tuisku XL is a soapstone clad electric sauna heater suitable for large saunas. With 120 kg of sauna stones, the heater guarantees an intense sauna experience and it has an optional heat controller for its interior to personalise the sauna experience. The inclusion of an easy-to-use and simple Tulikivi Touch Screen heater control unit has a touchscreen and can be installed in both dry and wet spaces and in the sauna room.


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