Bespoke indoor sauna installation: Devonshire Coast - Finnmark Sauna
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Bespoke indoor sauna installation: Devonshire Coast

Jun 19, 2023

Our stunning bespoke sauna installation in Devonshire Coast showcases modern design elements and high-end materials from the choice of wood to the robust soapstone cladded electric sauna heater. This unique sauna is topped off with a gorgeous sea view for an all-round relaxing experience.  

Bespoke indoor sauna installation by the coast - Finnmark Sauna

The beautiful sea view can be enjoyed comfortably from the sauna benches.


Soapstone at the heart of the sauna 

This sauna was installed into a second home on the coast. Our client requested a stylised, show stopping sauna that combines beautiful aesthetics and relaxation. The robust yet elegant soapstone cladded Tulikivi Tuisku XL was the perfect heater choice for this high-end sauna design. The heater is often referred to as the heart of the sauna, which is why it is important to specify a model that complements the overall design, volume, materials and room area. If the sauna has large uninsulated areas, such as glass, it is likely that a more powerful heater will be required. This way the sauna can be safely heated to a desired temperature in an energy-efficient way. 

Tulikivi Tuisku XL electric sauna heater - Finnmark SaunaTulikivi Tuisku XL with a Nobile patina finish.  

The 18kW electric Tuisku effectively heats up this glass-fronted sauna while maintaining minimal safety distances to combustible materials. A Wi-Fi controlling function allows our client to conveniently adjust the temperature and timer of the heater from the phone. 

Unique timber profiles 

A combination of thermally modified sauna wood profiles were chosen for the interior of this 2.3m x 2.2m room. The walls are cladded with a customised, narrow thermo ash profile, which creates a sleek and modern finish that can be admired through the large, double glazed panoramic window. Thermo ash is a strong hardwood noted for its resistant structure and decorative properties. The wood has an attractive texture, a gorgeous deep brown colour and a distinctive grain pattern.  

Thermally modified sauna wood profiles- Finnmark Sauna

Thermo aspen benches complement the darker tones of the thermo ash walls. 


Because of its high density, thermo ash is not a suitable wood type for sauna benching. As such, thermo aspen was chosen for the benches. Whilst having a durable structure and a pleasant toasted aroma, the golden-brown tones balance the overall darker aesthetic of this design. The floating sauna benches are assembled in line with the contemporary look with a mitered edge ladder style. The individualistic bench boards and backrest mimic the slatted thermo ash walls.

Bespoke indoor sauna installation - Finnmark Sauna

The ladder style floating benches add a unique design detail to the sauna.


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