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Bespoke indoor sauna installation: South Downs National Park, West Sussex

Apr 28, 2023

Our elegant bespoke sauna installation in South Downs National Park, West Sussex is part of a historic farmhouse with outbuildings. The 2.4m x 2.6m sauna has a modern, luxurious feel detailing traditional sauna construction and high-end design elements. The indoor sauna forms a part of a wider spa, pool, and wellness area.  


Luxurious Features 

The sauna is thoroughly cladded with Western red cedar. Known for its gorgeous aroma, natural antifungal properties and beautiful colouration ranging from light caramel brown to warm dark brown tones with a red undertone, the wood looks beautiful in a narrow profile chosen for this installation.  

The mounted slat cladding on the walls and the ceiling creates a contemporary look, whilst emphasising the different natural tones of cedar. Narrower wood profiles are a stylish design option that create a distinctive feel to the interior. They are slightly trickier to install compared to a traditional tongue and groove wall cladding but create a modern and refined finish.  

Cedar and the robust IKI Pillar generate a spa-like atmosphere, which our clients have experienced on their many European family holidays and had dreamt of recreating in their home.  

Western Red Cedar in Bespoke Indoor Sauna Installation

Western red cedar has beautiful, natural colour variation. Narrow mounted slat cladding gives the sauna a unique design feature. 


Electric Pillar Heater with Modern Controlling 

The 9kW IKI Pillar electric heater with its impressive 150kg stone capacity encased in a stainless-steel mesh structure allows water to be poured either directly on top of the heater for an intense heat, or to the sides for a soft and gentle “löyly”. Pillar heaters are an excellent choice for saunas like this one with full glass fronts. A more powerful heater is often required to efficiently heat up all non-insulated areas.  

Our clients can easily adjust the sauna temperature and timing from their phones. Heaters compatible with a Wi-Fi controlling function are becoming more common and provide flexibility in using the sauna. The controller has safety features that prevent Wi-Fi activation if it detects anything combustible within proximity of the heater. As long as the sauna is in an area with a strong Wi-Fi connection, the heater can be easily controlled from an app on your phone. This addition can be very handy for sauna enthusiasts with busy lifestyles.  


Glass Front and Curved Benching 

The benching has capacity for 10 bathers sitting, or 4 bathers lying down. The soft look is achieved through a curved design, which also opens more available space.   

A full glass wall brings light into the sauna. Glass fronts turn a custom sauna into a real showpiece and make the entire shower and wellness are a cohesive wellness ensemble.  

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