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Bespoke domestic indoor sauna installation: Tewyn, Hertfordshire

Apr 18, 2023

Our elegant indoor bespoke sauna installation in Tewyn, Hertfordshire is built next to a gym for a holistic well-being experience and to complement the daily exercise regimes of our clients. The interior features aspen, which is a popular choice as sauna wood for its straight grain and knot free structure. The cladding is stained with a customised "birch" coloured sauna wax diverging from the white waxed benches.

 Bespoke Sauna Installation Tewyn- Finnmark Sauna

The sauna sits conveniently right next to the gym.


Sauna and post-workout recovery 

The sauna sits right next to the gym, providing easy access after an exercise session. The stylish and compact sauna area was designed for our clients who lead an active lifestyle. Amongst the researched health benefits of sauna, post workout recovery is of interest to many professional athletes and physically active individuals. Sauna can aid muscle recovery and prevent injuries, which is why regular sauna sessions can support exercise performance.   

 Bespoke Sauna Installation Tewyn- Finnmark Sauna

White waxed aspen benching and customised "birch" stained cladding create a subtle detail in the interior.


Customised design elements 

The interior is cladded with stained aspen, which creates a traditional look and feel to the space. The slightly darker, natural brown custom colouration resembles birch bark, whereas the sauna benches are a light, white-waxed aspen. The combination of the two sauna paints form a subtle contrast between the benching and the wall and ceiling cladding, giving the sauna a unique touch.

Bespoke Sauna Installation Tewyn- Finnmark SaunaL-Shaped benching creates a sociable setting in the sauna. 


The clients wished to utilise the entire area to fit as many people as possible. An L-shaped bench set up allows space for 1-3 bathers lying or 6 bathers sitting. A floating upper bench runs on the slightly narrower 1.7m width wall. The bench skirting is made of narrow aspen timber profiles, matching the heater guard built around the 9kW Narvi Smooth sauna heater. 


Electric tower heater

The electric heater for this installation was chosen from Finnish manufacturer Narvi. The 9kW Smooth is a modern tower heater model, featuring a large stone capacity to create a soft steam when water is thrown onto the stones. The heater is surrounded with a custom built aspen safety railing that integrates well with the benching and overall aesthetic of the sauna.  

 Bespoke Sauna Installation Tewyn- Finnmark Sauna

Narvi Smooth electric sauna heater is placed at the end of the benching with an aspen heater guard around it.

Strip lighting

LED- lighting strips on the upper and lower bench lips, and 2 on the backrest create a visually pleasing, modern look in the sauna. Sauna lighting is a key design element affecting the overall aesthetic of the space. A warm and subtle white colour temperature in this installation provides a relaxing ambience. The lights are water resistant, specifically designed for high temperature- and humidity levels.   


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