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Bespoke indoor sauna installation: Penn, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Apr 13, 2023

This beautiful indoor bespoke sauna installation Penn, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire is inspired by Nordic design. The simplistic two-tiered floating bench system with a light- coloured interior create a continuous feel, making the sauna appear open and spacious. A full glass front divides the space between the sauna and an adjacent wet room shower area.  


Modern design  

The clients envisioned a light interior with a modern look and feel. Aspen is a great fit for this Nordic inspired design featuring subtle details. The wall and ceiling cladding, as well as the benching are white- waxed throughout to further brighten the space.  

The full glass front gives the sauna a spa like ambiance and makes the room appear open and spacious. Large glass surfaces and feature walls remain as popular design trends in modern day saunas. 


Tiled features  

The shorter 1.4m wall behind the stylish Tulikivi Huurre 9kW electric sauna heater is covered with grey tiles that continue to the shower area, blending the sauna area beautifully with the adjoining wet room. The electric heater has a distinct, wavy pattern on its ceramic casing. Its natural white colouration complements the overall light aesthetic of the surroundings. Tulikivi heaters are inspired by nature and the name “Huurre” translates into white frost. It was a clear winner as the heater choice for this vogue Nordic style sauna.  

Bespoke Sauna Installation with Aspen Sauna Wood

Tulikivi Huurre electric sauna heater merges beautifully with the white-waxed aspen. 


Making most of the space 

Another unique feature of the Tulikivi heater is its minimal required safety distances to combustible materials. The heater is mounted into the wide, lower bench making it a real space saver in this 1.4m long x 2m wide room. The floating benching creates an airy feel and comfortably seats two people sitting on the upper bench or one person lying down.  

The subtle LED- strips were the choice of lighting. The lights shine up- and downwards on the backrest. Additional strips also run on the bench lips to light up the lower bench and the floor.  


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