Bespoke indoor sauna installation: Chiltern Hills AONB, Buckinghamshire - Finnmark Sauna
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Bespoke indoor sauna installation: Chiltern Hills AONB, Buckinghamshire

Jan 03, 2023

Our stunning indoor bespoke sauna installation Chiltern Hills, South Downs National Park features a sociable seating set up, classic golden-brown colours and a starry lighting on the ceiling. A lit up feature wall behind the electric pillar model heater gives this classic looking sauna a unique detail

Narvi Velvet electric sauna heater stands out elegantly against the juniper log stacks.


This installation was an element of a dream project for a recently retired couple in a historic family residence. The sauna is adjacent to a gym and wellness suite next to an outdoor pool.

Bespoke Sauna Installation Buckinghamshire- Finnmark Sauna

The entrance space is also cladded with thermo aspen. The controller for the electric heater is conveniently placed on the wall right outside the sauna. 


Warm thermo aspen was chosen for the interior cladding and the opposing benching. Thermo aspen is a popular sauna wood, which is created by heat-treating soft timber. The natural heat treatment reduces moisture levels of the wood, giving it a tough and rot resistant structure. 


Unique details

The wall behind the Narvi Velvet 9kW electric sauna heater features juniper. The individual rounded shapes of juniper lock stacks go beautifully with the natural tones of thermo aspen and give the sauna a stylish design componentMixing different wood types and profiles has been a popular sauna design trend especially in the Nordic countries during the past years and is often requested by many of our clients.  

 Bespoke Indoor Sauna Installation Buckinghamshire- Finnmark Sauna

Juniper log stack feature wall behind the Narvi Velvet electric sauna heater and mounted safety guards. 


Sociable seating

The clients wanted a sociable bench set- up, so that family and friends can relax in the sauna together. A floating, opposing bench system was the solution in this 1.8m x 1.8m sauna. The two long benches facing each other allow the sauna to be comfortably enjoyed either by two people laying down or four people sitting. The Narvi Velvet electric heater was mounted into the middle of the benching, making it accessible for everyone to throw water onto the stones for a pleasant löyly.  

 Bespoke Sauna Installation Buckinghamshire- Finnmark Sauna

The sauna benching accommodates for 2 bathers lying or 4 sitting.

Lighting & sound

Lighting has a significant impact on the overall look and feel inside the sauna. This indoor sauna installation has a combination of strip lights at the sides of the juniper log stack wall and fibre-optic small spot lights that create a starry look in the ceiling. The lighting combination generates a relaxing ambience to this home saunaThere is also a sauna-safe speaker system, so that bathers can enjoy their favourite music whilst unwinding in the warm "löylys"

 Bespoke Sauna Installation Buckinghamshire - Finnmark Sauna

Sauna-safe speakers help generate a relaxing experience for those who prefer to listen to music whilst enjoying the "löyly."


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