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Bespoke sauna installation: Seaburn, North East England

Jun 09, 2021



This stunning bespoke Finnish sauna was carefully designed to fit into the contours of an en suite bathroom area of a master bedroom. It now provides a wonderfully peaceful retreat for our client to relax and enjoy all of the health benefits associated with regular Finnish sauna bathing and the layout certainly makes the most of the available space. It has a spacious upper bench which can seat up to three bathers comfortably and ample additional space below on the lower bench which allows bathers to enjoy less intense heat.


A quality speaker system hidden under the benches means the client can enjoy their favourite tracks whilst luxuriating in heavenly heat and steam. Under-bench skirting hides the upper bench frame to finish the deluxe look of the room.


Cedar retains its shape and integrity for many years and the softwood has a straight grain, attractive colouring and is highly durable. It also has the addition of having the beautiful scent of an evergreen forest. It is a premium sauna wood option and a very popular choice for sauna installations because it has resilience against rot and decay due to natural antifungal properties and high resistance to heat and moisture.


A black Narvi NC 9kW electric sauna heater was specified to heat the ~ 11m3 room. Its quality and elegance set the heater apart from competitors in its class. With a large stone capacity for a heater of its size, the NC creates a hugely impressive löyly. This particular NC model comes supplied with a helpful remote control unit for accurate temperature and timing adjustments.

Fresh oxygenated air

Good air circulation is crucial when trying to achieve the optimum Finnish sauna experience because it allows fresh oxygenated air into the sauna stopping it from becoming too stifling. In this particular set up, fresh air is brought in near the base of the heater and from under the glass door. Once heated, it rises and circulates around the room before being ducted out of the sauna opposite to the heater, under the bench. We also included a vent in the ceiling which can be opened either while using the sauna to regulate temperature or after a sauna session to aid in drying out the space.



Specialist Kingspan Sauna Satu polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board works as both an insulator and vapour seal and it won’t break-down over time. It prevents thermal bridging from occurring by securing onto the studs as opposed to in-between them. 3000k warm white lighting is provided by Ledify LED sauna lights which are specifically designed to be highly water-resistant and they create a beautiful natural glow. A High anti-slip rated white stone floor completes an impressive authentic Finnish sauna which promises to be enjoyed for many years to come.