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We are proud to be the exclusive UK distributors of leading sauna brands Narvi, Aito and Kota. On occasion we are contacted by customers who are contemplating a purchase from a cheap Eastern European or Russian webshops wondering why there is a notable price difference. In this instance we suggest you contact Narvi Oy directly, for full impartial advice, however, our stance is as follows:

As exclusive distributors of Narvi products, Finnmark Ltd are responsible for upholding the high-end brand values of Narvi Oy. We must ensure that both the quality of product and quality of service is as it should be for any Narvi customer. Finnmark are UK based, pay UK tax, UK rates, have UK staff and are fully VAT registered. We are 100% accountable and have comprehensive liability insurance. These operating costs, as well as shipping and handling costs for a European product to a UK based company, are reflected in the marginally higher UK retail price.

We are aware of the growing number of grey sellers of Narvi products online who continue to appear as if they are distributors, despite not having any contractual connection with Narvi Oy. These sellers are often based in Eastern Europe or Russia and sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to appear as if they are located in the UK. Don't be fooled. If you buy from these sellers, one of two things are most likely to happen: either they don't have Narvi products and are simply listing the products as a price dumping strategy, or as a lure to suggest a different product to a customer which they stock; or worse still, they will ship you a grey import product that will not represent Narvi's high brand standards, that will likely have insufficient liability insurance and may even be dangerous. The company will likely be unaccountable for any issues and worst of all, your purchase may have no manufacturers warranty as a 'second-hand' product.

We strongly suggest you only buy from official Narvi dealers in your country of residence. In the case of the UK, this is Finnmark Limited ( Finnmark bears no responsibility for the repair or replacement of any grey goods purchased by non-official dealers. Furthermore, Finnmark will provide no compensation for damage or injury caused by products purchased from anyone other than the UK registered dealer. For advice on who to purchase from in your region, please contact Narvi via their website:

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