We can help you with your portable sauna trailer through our Design and Fabrication Service. Below are two sauna trailer case studies to briefly outline what to consider when starting your sauna trailer project.

Finnmark Sauna Trailer

We’ve built our Finnmark sauna trailer using a boxvan from Ifor Williams Trailers for outdoor enthusiasts and people potentially interested in the authentic sauna experience, to have the chance to try the wonderful experience for themselves.  

Finnmark Sauna Trailer

Our sauna trailer is insulated with Kingspan Sauna Satu, cladded with beautiful Western red cedar, has an LED-lit backrest and is heated with Narvi Steam Master tunnel.  

Sauna Insulation - Kingspan Sauna Satu

For our Finnmark Sauna trailer, Ifor Williams Trailers is a brand from our perspective that’s associated with the same values of quality and durability. We consulted distributors Alan Tuer Trailers in Carlisle to find the perfect model and were delighted with the BV127, which suited our needs perfectly.  

Finnmark Sauna Trailer


You can read the full article here

Trailer Sauna Benone Beach – Northern Ireland 

The HotBox sea sauna trailer business has its base on Benone beach on Northern Ireland’s rugged Atlantic coast.  

Trailer Sauna Case Study - Finnmark Sauna

When the clients first approached us, they wanted something reasonably cost effective. They had been inspired by our Finnmark Sauna trailer design. Working within the framework of a portable trailer, we helped them build an authentic Finnish sauna using highly durable and stain resistant thermo aspen. The upper and lower benches were specified at 900mm and 450mm respectively; the perfect height to enjoy the löyly at the top of the sauna, or to rest below in less intense heat.   

Sauna Trailer Interior with Thermo Aspen

They used a welder who fixed a framework on top of an existing trailer bed - partly to their spec and partly to the dimensions that we provided once our sauna design was set. They sourced and fitted their own outside cladding and used cork for the anteroom space and we specified and fitted the Narvi Black 20 Tunnel wood burning sauna heater with flue kit and heat shielding.   

Building a Sauna Trailer - Finnmark Sauna

Ultra heat and moisture resistant sauna strip lights by LEDify Finland are hidden in the top and bottom of the backrest and in bench lips. The full kit includes dimmers, drivers and aluminium channel profiles and easy change clips for ease of replacement.  

We also used Kingspan Sauna Satu specialist high temperature stable PIR board. It is designed specifically for insulating the walls and ceilings of a sauna, as well as the roof surfaces of wet rooms and is made of a lightweight thermally stable polyurethane board. It has an excellent insulation capacity, meaning the thickness of insulation needed in a stone wall, for instance, is half of the amount needed compared to rockwool.   

Sauna Trailer Benone Beach Northern Ireland Exterior

You can read the full case study by clicking the following link: Sauna Trailer: Benone Beach, Northern Ireland.  

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