London, Kensington Bespoke Sauna Installation

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Finnmark Sauna is the home of exceptional bespoke Finnish sauna. With an outstanding reputation for specialising in authentic custom-made designs, we are prepared to go above and beyond to give you your perfect sauna – A sauna created exclusively for your home, with your style, and at your budget.

Our Kensington installations are bespoke indoor sauna installations, either installed into an existing basement extension or bathroom space.

Authentic Finnish Sauna

We're experts at everything Authentic Finnish Sauna. If you have been to Finland and experienced Sauna, you will know that it's a daily ritual embedded into Finnish culture and facilitates enriched, personal relationships. We are always happy to talk you through the process, your choice of style, how the sauna is going to be used and the health benefits you will experience with frequent sauna use.

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