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UK Aufguss Championships 2023

Apr 27, 2023

Finnmark attended the first UK Aufguss Championships at the stunning Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate on the 26th of April. The event marked history as the first ever UK Aufguss competition where the Sauna Masters showed off their skills to compete over spots to the World Championships, which will be held in September 2023.  


What is Aufguss? 

“Aufguss” is a German term for “infusion” or the action of “downpouring”. The Aufguss ritual is a multisensory experience performed by an Aufguss Master. The ritual consists of the use of essential oils, ice, water to create steam, music and towel work. These elements together build up to an intense, yet an enjoyable heat and a one-of-a-kind blend of sensations.  

The skilful use of towels by the Aufguss Master distributes the heat and aroma from the essential oils throughout the sauna. The 10–15-minute performance constitutes a unique art form that is entertaining and at the same time beneficial to the body.   

 Essential Oils in Aufguss Ritual

Essential oils are one of the main components of Aufguss.

The World Aufguss Championships 

The World Aufguss Championships is an annual, international event gathering Aufguss Masters from around the world to showcase their skills through unique choreographs. The contestants are judged by the following criteria outlined by the official Aufguss- WM:  

  • Professionalism and overall impression 
  • Increase and distribution of heat 
  • Waving techniques 
  • Fragrances used and dosage 
  • Theme, implementation and show elements 
  • Creativity and atmosphere 
  • Team spirit (only for the team event) 

AufgussWM World Championships are held in Satama Sauna Resort and Spa in Germany between 11-17th September 2023. You can read more about the Aufguss WM on the official website here.  


UK Aufguss at Rudding Park, Harrogate 

We attended the second day of UK Aufguss Championships on Wednesday 26th April. The day started off with a relaxation Aufguss from Danish Champion and International Jury Member, Lay Pang Ong. The second Aufguss event of the day was performed by competitor Pavel Poliacek in a performance called “The Story of Pavel”. We watched this performance from the beautiful outdoor pool area, as the sauna was packed with enthusiastic Aufguss fans and spa members. A very enjoyable viewing even without experiencing the scents and heat.  

The day continued with Czech Champion Eliška Blažková’s “Madam Curie” show, this time from the front row in the panoramic sauna. The performance was beautifully composed with the seemingly effortless towel work and essential oil aromas perfectly complementing the storyline. A great experience for a first time Aufguss audience member. 

Helo Commercial Electric Sauna Heaters

The Panoramic Sauna with two commercial electric Helo heaters after Blažková’s performance.

More heat 

The second half of the day started off with former World Championship “Behind the Scenes” winning performance from Sauna Master Róbert Židek. The heat was certainly more intense at the top bench and the aromas were a surprise every time they were skillfully placed on top of the Helo heaters in a carefully formed ball of ice and distributed throughout the sauna with choreographed towel movements from years of professional practice.  

Jena Robinson and Renato Neto’s team performance was the second contestant show of the day. An Aufguss ritual named “Tribute to HRM”, inspired by the late Queen Elizabeth II. Yet again a great performance and a theme perfect for the beautiful settings at Rudding Park Spa.  

Aufguss UK 2023 performance

Props are a part of the Aufguss performance creating a unique sauna theatre.


Czech Champions Róbert and Eliška closed the day with a Freestyle Aufguss to classic all-time favourite love songs, after which everyone was ready for an ice-cold shower and the award ceremony.  

The first UK Aufguss Champion was announced and the spot to the World Championships went to Pavel Poliacek, who will be the first Sauna Master to represent UK in the Aufguss-WM.  

 Aufguss 2023 Competitors Finnmark Sauna

Competitors and organizers at the Award Ceremony UK Aufguss 2023


Thank you for the official partner of the UK Aufguss Championships British Sauna Society, and the host Rudding Park Hotel & Spa.