Sauna Summit - The UK and Ireland's First Ever Industry Event
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Sauna Summit - The UK and Ireland's First Ever Industry Event

May 21, 2024

The UK and Ireland’s first industry event for sauna operators, practitioners and builders took place yesterday, Monday 20th May 2024 at Netil 360 in London. The event buzzed with excitement as it celebrated the booming sauna culture in the British Isles.  

Netil 360 Sauna

We were proud to have been involved with supplying some of the products used in Netil 360’s original sauna construction.  


Celebrating the Booming Sauna Culture in the UK & Ireland 

The past few years have seen a surge in the popularity of saunas across the UK and Ireland. There are now close to 100 public saunas available, offering a unique space for relaxation, connection, and a focus on healthy living. This growth reflects a broader cultural shift towards prioritizing well-being, community, and a connection with nature (The British Sauna Society).  

Sauna Bucket at Netil 360

The Sauna culture is booming in the UK and has gained a lot of attention from multiple media outlets during the past year. 


The media has also taken notice of this trend and the growing popularity of the traditional sauna culture. Major outlets like the BBC, The Times, The Guardian, The Economist, and many more have featured extensive articles on the rise of saunas in the UK and Ireland over the past year.  


A Peek into the Sauna Summit 2024

The Sauna Summit brought together sauna owners, operators and ritual practitioners for a supercharged day of inspiration, learning and connecting.  

We were proud to be the headline sponsors alongside sister company Spa Dispatch, Wunderbrook, Narvi and Heartwood Saunas. 

Led by the amazing event hosts, Emma O'Kelly & Gabrielle Reason, the day was filled with inspirational and informative talks and panel discussions from sauna design, build and technology to the wide ranging health benefits. Attendees had the chance for networking and celebrating amazing sauna companies in the awards ceremony. The day ended with a Rooftop Sauna Party. 


Sauna Entrance Area - Netil 360


We enjoyed informative and inspirational talks from a wide range of industry experts, including the Sauna Twins, Jake and Max Newport:  

  • Ragna Marie Fjeld (Oslo Badstuforening) 
  • Jake Newport (Finnmark Sauna) 
  • Glenn Auerbach (Sauna Times) 
  • Mikkel Aaland (Perfect Sweat & Sauna Aid) 
  • Knut Lerhol (Badstofolk) 
  • Terhi Ruutu (Terhen) 
  • Mikko Jakonen (Studio Puisto, Helsinki) 
  • Tom de Wilton (The Saunaverse) 
  • Max Newport (Finnmark Sauna) 
  • Olly Davey (Heartwood Sauna) 



The first ever UK Sauna Industry Awards, sponsored by Harvia, were presented in the afternoon. Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Design: The Saltwater Sauna

Best Urban Sauna: Rooftop Saunas Hackney

Best Nature Sauna: Haar Sauna

Best Waterside Sauna: Driftwood Sauna

Best Social Prescribing Sauna: Community Sauna Baths

Best Community Sauna: Kiln Sauna

Best Rituals Programme: Beach Box Sauna Spa

Best New Sauna: The Fallen Willow Sauna

Best Sauna Practitioner: Jane Witt


London Skyline - Unsplash

The event ended at Rooftop Saunas overlooking London. Image from Unsplash. 

Rooftop Afterparty 

The successful day filled with inspiring industry talks, networking, workshops and industry award ceremony ended on the rooftop of Netil 360. Participants got to enjoy sauna sessions, listen to DJ Rob Da Bank and eat pizza, while overlooking the London skyline.