UK Aufguss Championships 2024
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UK Aufguss Championships 2024

Apr 12, 2024

The second UK Aufguss Championships will be hosted at Galgorm Resort in Belfast, Northern Ireland from Monday 22nd - Wednesday 24th April 2024. We're proud to announce that Finnmark will be back as Silver Sponsors again this year to support Team UK's journey. 

Last year was UK's debut in the World Aufguss Championships, where Pavel Poliacek competed amongst 120 Aufguss Masters from around the world. 

We're ready to sweat it out in 2024, when seasoned Aufguss Masters and exciting newcomers showcase their skills. We will also find out who will represent UK in the Aufguss World Championships at Thermen Bussloo, in Netherlands from 8th until 15th September 2024. 


Northern Ireland Scenery

UK Aufguss Championships will take place at Galgorm Resort by River Maine in Northern Ireland. Image from Unsplash. 



Aufguss Briefly

  • “Aufguss” is a German term for “infusion” or the action of “downpouring”.
  • The Aufguss ritual is a multisensory experience performed by an Aufguss Master.
  • The ritual consists of the use of essential oils, ice, water to create steam, music and towel work. These elements together build up to an intense, yet an enjoyable heat and a one-of-a-kind blend of sensations.  
  • The skilful use of towels by the Aufguss Master distributes the heat and aroma from the essential oils throughout the sauna.
  • The 10–15-minute performance constitutes a unique art form that is entertaining and at the same time beneficial to the body.   


You can read more about our experience at the 2023 UK Championships here.  


Where can I find out more about Aufguss and Team UK's journey?

  • You can book your Aufguss Day Spa Package at Galgorm's website here. 
  • Visit the official Aufguss UK website to find out more about the magic of Aufguss and subscribe to the newsletter. 
  • British Sauna Society Event Calendar and 2024 UK Aufguss Championships.
  • Anada official website. 
  • Keep up to date about Aufguss WM here.


Update (1st May 2024)

UK Aufguss Champion 2024: Jena Robinson

Runner-Up: Melissa Little


Jena Robinson will be representing the UK at the Aufguss WM 2024 at Thermen Bussloo, Netherlands, 8th-15th September. 

Melissa Little will perform at the Aufguss Playoffs at Infinit Sen, Czech Republic, 21st-24th August. 

Congratulation to our UK Aufguss Champions!