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“Saunatruck” Mobile Sauna at Eurovision 2023

May 10, 2023

The impressive “Saunatruck” made its way to Liverpool on Sunday. Käärijä, the representative of Finland, will have his mobile sauna heated and open for visitors throughout the Eurovision week.  

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 kicked off this week with the semi-finals. Finnish rapper Käärijä, who made it to Saturday’s final, brought along his own sauna for the city of Liverpool to enjoy. After all, what better way to introduce people to the Finnish culture and relax in preparation for the big event than a sauna? The mobile sauna is heated with Narvi’s robust wood burning stove Stony 20 ST, which is up and running, welcoming contestants and the public.  

Finnmark Sauna Trailer

Finnmark Sauna Trailer interior featuring a Narvi Wood Burning Stove.


Mobile saunas have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They are a great way to share the sauna experience with people in different locations. Similarly to Käärijä’s Saunatruck, the Finnmark sauna trailer is equipped with a wood burning Narvi stove for a top-class löyly.

The mobile sauna is parked close to the venue at Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock and is kept warm for Eurovision fans and other visitors until the end of the week.