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How to Sauna (properly!)... by Finnmark Sauna

Feb 28, 2022

Is there a proper way to sauna?

Many of our customers ask: "Is there a proper way to sauna?" In search for answers, we believe it is best to learn from the prime sauna nation, Finland. Here, we have compiled a handy how-to guide for you which best illustrates how you can enjoy sauna the traditional Finnish way.

It is a real shame that in the United Kingdom and even in the more cosmopolitan capital, London, many people still don't know how to sauna properly. It is unfortunate, but lack of education and not enough support from some sauna retailers has meant that the sadly laughable 1980's adoption of sauna culture still persists in many areas throughout Great Britain. Many Finn's we work with will openly refuse to enter a 'British' sauna, quoting things like poor ventilation, heaters without sauna stones, not being allowed to throw water over the stones (to create a nice löyly), and improper sauna ritual/etiquette by users; as their principal reasons for avoiding. 

Our guide to proper Finnish sauna

Here at Finnmark Sauna, it is first and foremost, our aim to educate people about Finnish sauna. Not least because it is so much better and immeasurably more enjoyable than the half-hacked attempt at sauna that sadly curses many UK spa's, health clubs and gyms. We not only promote proper Finnish sauna construction and design, but also sauna best practice. As part of this, we have created a simple, "airline safety card"-style 'How to' guide:

How to Sauna Properly by Finnmark Sauna

Obviously we are aware that everyone has their own variants on this 'ritual' and some puritans would argue against things like the softening of vihta on the sauna stones or even on the drinking of water inside the sauna, whereas others heavily advocate both. The 'science' of the sauna ritual is undoubtedly contentious, however, we feel that this comic strip most accurately represents our experiences of the Finnish sauna ritual in the many Finnish saunas we have enjoyed throughout Finland.
As always, thanks for reading and good löyly's to all!