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How to correctly arrange the stones in your sauna heater: A video guide

May 30, 2016

Your beautiful Narvi, Aito or Kota sauna heater has arrived and been installed. Now the often over-looked but crucial part of your sauna installation is at hand. Correctly arranging the stones in your heater is the key to unleashing its market-leading löyly potential, but how do I do it?

Whilst we include fitting and loading instructions with all our products, it can sometimes be a little difficult to interpret, so we have a few handy video examples of both wood-burning and electric heaters. This video also gives you the opportunity to see these amazing heaters 'in the flesh', as well as seeing the Narvi patented exhaust system for the wood-burners, that makes them world leaders in sauna heater efficiency. You can also see the larger 8.5 mm heating coils on the electric heater, that reduce the risk of overheating significantly compared with other brands.

Video one: Loading sauna stones into an Aito 16 sauna heater:

Video two: Loading sauna rocks into a Narvi NC 16 sauna heater:

Video three: Loading sauna stones into a Narvi NC electric sauna heater:

Furthermore, it is always best, particularly with wood burning sauna heater (where the heat originates from the firebox below and not a heating element) to put the larger stones nearer the bottom. All stones naturally deteriorate under the heat over time and as they do so they fragment into smaller pieces, filling the air gaps between the stones. Larger stones will take much longer than a smaller stone to break down enough to restrict the airflow, hence the biggest at the bottom. The larger stones will also take the longest to warm up and stay warm for longer. The smaller stones, exposed to the addition of water to the heater, will break down first and therefore be more easily replaced if at the top.

Remember, be generous with your air gaps. These will allow the air to flow through the heater more easily and help to create that perfect, memorable löyly.

If you have any questions about how to get the most out of your Narvi, Aito or Kota sauna heater, don't hesitate to get in touch:

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