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Bespoke loft sauna installation: Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Mar 30, 2021


Loft space

This striking bespoke loft sauna installation has made the pages of national magazines and few would question why interiors editors would choose to feature such a stunning and distinctive design. We used aspen wood throughout which is prized for its impressive toughness and sturdiness. Like alder, aspen is well suited as a sauna wood because it has a straight and uniform grain that does not weep resin. 


The benches are white waxed and the walls are black waxed which helps provide additional protection from the sauna environment. Working in the sloping ceiling set up was challenging and it took us a long time to pack out battens to make sure everything was square, straight and true. 

Natural light

The full glass wall allows the space to feel as open as possible and a gap between the glass, the heater guard and the bench aids in cleaning the glass. We love how the window lets in lots of natural light and made sure to spec slightly stronger LED lights than normal on this one to make sure there's still a large enough amount of light present even with the addition of extra light coming through the window. 

An impressive löyly

The original Velux window wouldn’t have been able to cope with the extreme heat and humidity in the sauna, so we installed a second accoya-framed glazed unit on the inside. The slight small pitch in the design actually helps the convection within the space and therefore enhances the löyly experience.



The heater

A Narvi NC 9kw electric sauna heater was chosen for the project. Narvi is a company that boasts over 80 years of sauna heater heritage and all of its models are designed and made in Finland. The heater comes with a large stone capacity and is designed to have water poured over it. As with all Narvi sauna heaters we sell this model is the multi-voltage variant that can be installed using UK single-phase or European three-phase power supplies.



Fresh room temperature air is brought in near the base of the heater and from under the glassdoor. Once heated, it rises and circulates around the room before being ducted out of the sauna opposite to the heater, under the bench. A vent is also included in the ceiling. This can be opened either while using the sauna to regulate temperature or after a sauna session to help dry out the room.


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