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Joulusauna - Christmas Sauna

Dec 23, 2019

Taking part in a Christmas sauna (joulusauna) is a centuries-old tradition in Finland. Family members usually bathe on Christmas Eve and they tend not to rush the experience because it provides a moment of calm during the build-up to the big day.

The Joulusauna is associated with purity so prior to the event saunas are thoroughly cleaned. Having prepared the sauna for the steam spirit (löylyhenkki), candles, lanterns and sauna oils are often included to create a special atmosphere. It’s also important to bring some Christmas treats to the sauna elf (Saunatonttu). Every sauna has its own elf and he must be treated with care and respect!

After finishing up in the sauna people get into the occasion even more by dressing up, enjoying food and receiving presents from a special guest named Joulupukki (Santa) from Finland’s northernmost region - Lapland.