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Ästad Vingård Underwater Sauna - Sweden

Sep 27, 2019

Have you ever relaxed in a steaming wood-heated sauna whilst mere centimetres away, fish swim by through ice-cold clear lake water? This is the experience offered at Sweden’s Ästad Vingård - a vineyard and winery with bookable spa facilities and home of the world’s only underwater sauna.  

Here, underneath one of the crystal-clear lakes nestled within rolling organic farmland and situated on the edge of Åkulla Bokskogar nature reserve, spa guests can enjoy one of the most unique sauna experiences Sweden has to offer.

To enter the underwater sauna, guests must descend a ladder into the sauna room. Here, they are surrounded by large glass windows displaying spectacular views into the icy waters beyond - waters offering a welcome place cool-off after the steamy heat of the sauna.