#worldsaunamoment - Saturday April 4th - Finnmark Sauna
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#worldsaunamoment - Saturday April 4th

Apr 03, 2020

In these trying times it’s more important than ever that we practice solidarity and our shared love of Finnish sauna which is why we are set to get involved in an event organised by Glenn Auerbach at Sauna Times called world sauna moment.

It aims to celebrate the serenity of sauna in a time of confusion and it’s an opportunity for sauna enthusiasts around the world to enjoy their saunas at the same time in their respective time zones. As a UK representative, we aim to join Glenn from our sauna bench at 5pm tomorrow.

Speaking about the event, our Managing Director Jake Newport said, “We want to join the spirit of togetherness and believe it is important that we get involved. Many of us are aware of one or two of the recent spurious claims that have linked sauna as some kind of miracle cure for the virus so I think this has come at a particularly good time. It means people can get together and reaffirm some of the proven health benefits associated with regular sauna.

We know sauna helps to kill some viruses, bacteria and a study by Dr Jari Laukkanen has shown that they reduce pneumonia. We also know there are a range of other very well-sourced sauna health benefits associated with taking regular sessions. Facing any virus or even tough times when you are as fit and healthy as you can be is only going to help. I’m looking forward to joining Glenn and I’m delighted we’ve been invited to get involved in this interactive and global initiative.”