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Sauna Design Trends For 2023

Jan 27, 2023

As saunas continue to grow in popularity, people are looking for new and innovative ways to design their sauna spaces. From minimalist and nature-inspired designs to customized and multi-purpose saunas, we have compiled some of the top sauna design trends for 2023. 

1. Minimalist Design

Many sauna enthusiasts are opting for a traditional, minimalist, Nordic-inspired look in their saunas. This often includes using wood with stone and glass, yet keeping the overall design simple and uncluttered. 

Traditional Finnish Sauna InstallationThis sauna installation features a classic, traditional design with an L-shaped bench system and thermo pine. 

2. Contrasting Dark and Light Shades

As more people are looking to create a personalised and unique sauna experience, mixing different colours and materials is a flourishing trend. Sauna wood can either be treated with a sauna safe wax or paint. It may be a good idea to paint the sauna benches with a dark colour to contrast with lighter walls as the benches are most exposed to dirt. This will make cleaning and maintenance a breeze whilst giving the space a unique look. 

You can also opt for our Staining Service if you wish have your sauna wood pre-treated. 

Sauna Installation Painted Black and WhiteA unique space where the benches and skirting have been painted white to contrast with the dark grey waxed walls. 


Another way to give your sauna some edge is to use white decorative sauna stones at the top of the heater. These look stylish especially when used with a dark sauna heater. Bear in mind that decorative sauna stones are only meant to cover the top of the heater. You should use either olivine diabase or vulcanite sauna stones to fill the heater with and place the decorative stones on top for aesthetic purposes. 


3. Integrating with Nature

As outdoor saunas are becoming more popular, many are looking for ways to integrate their sauna into the natural surroundings. In indoor saunas, this can include using natural materials, stone feature walls and incorporating windows or skylights to bring in natural light. Using plants and greenery to create a more serene and natural atmosphere in the washing and changing rooms finishes the overall sauna experience. Wood-burning sauna stoves are also gaining more interest and can be more energy efficient. 

 Bespoke Outdoor Sauna Installation, Hampstead Heath, North London by Finnmark SaunaThis outdoor sauna installation integrates beautifully in its surroundings and has plenty of natural light in both the sauna and the dressing area. 


4. Technology

While saunas are often associated with relaxation and disconnecting, more people are incorporating technology into their sauna experience. This can include smart temperature and humidity controls, as well as sound systems to enhance the experience. 

Personalised lighting solutions can make a significant impact on the ambiance in the sauna. LED spot lights in the ceiling and strip lights mounted onto the benching continue to be the most popular solutions in modern saunas. 

Home Sauna Design with LED-Strip LigtingThe LED-strip lighting on the backrests shine light upwards creating a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Specialist Timber Profiles

There are a variety of timber options available to suit different design tastes. Specialist wood profiles and combining wide and narrow panels create contrast and make the space look unique. Dark and thermally modified wood types are a prominent choice in contemporary home saunas. Feature walls can be made using unique cladding profiles, such as the Thermory Step

Bespoke Home Sauna InstallationThermory Step cladding creates a stylish detail in this sauna that is installed using thermo aspen.

6. Multi-Purpose Saunas

As saunas become more popular, many renovators are looking for ways to make them a more integral part of their home. This includes creating multi-purpose saunas that can be used for things like yoga or meditation, or incorporating saunas into home gyms or pool areas. 

As a holistic well-being experience, sauna bathing is often combined with a cold plunge. This is now possible anywhere with high-quality and long lasting plunge pools. You can browse our Finnish-made cold plunges by Avantopool on the link below. 

Avantopool Cold Recovery Plunge Pools


Luxury Sauna Installation With a Cold Plunge PoolThe light tiles complement the golden brown thermo aspen in this installation with a cold plunge pool and a waterfall pail shower. 


No matter what your personal style is, there is a sauna design trend that will suit your needs and preferences. It is also important to opt for high-quality and sustainable products in your sauna build. This will ensure that your sauna is long-lasting and safe. Hopefully by incorporating some of these trends into your sauna design, you can create a space that is not only beautiful, sustainable and functional, but also an ideal place to relax and recharge in.