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Osmia - Our New Sauna Scents from Nature

Nov 25, 2022

Sauna Scents from Nature

Sauna is deep-rooted in the culture and daily life in Finland and other Northern countries. Different sensations are important for the overall bathing experience as they help relax the body and mind. Whisks, sauna aromas, peaceful sounds and dimmed lighting complete a sauna session by reinforcing stress alleviating aspects of the practice. Although many have personal tastes when it comes to scents and mixing them in the “löyly” water, certain aromas are associated with sauna. Birch tree leaves, wood and tar are some of the more traditional sauna aromas. Natural scents can complement the sauna experience and this is also the inspiration of Finnish design and handicraft company Osmia Oy, who specialise in scents that capture the Nordic nature. The company creates their scents using a patented MMB-combination using genuine oils and aromas that are 100% Finnish made.

Osmia Koivu Scent Bottle

Koivu (Birch) Sauna Scent Oil (Image Credit: Osmia Oy)

Osmia Oy

Osmia Oy was founded 30 years ago by nature enthusiast and chemist Eero Vänttinen. Vänttinen left behind an academic career in Turku University, Finland, to pursue his life calling as a perfume expert and to build a company that specialises in aromas from the nature. He found that most scented products often had an artificial smell that didn’t resemble what the box claimed. Eero wanted to develop products that bring authentic scents from outdoors and the different seasons to people’s homes. This is how Osmia began to develop. The first Osmia products were sauna scents, followed by soaps and shampoos.

Inspiration from Plants

Vänttinen, who remains “the nose of Osmia” was fascinated by wildflowers and plants from a young age. He would study their properties and Latin names on his spare time and began to develop his own scent oils whilst studying chemistry at university. Eero took the finished products to the local marketplace, where they quickly gained attention through word of mouth.

Vänttinen completed a PhD in chemistry but decided to follow his passion and take the route of an entrepreneur to continue to develop his own products. Peat, birch leaf and lily of the valley that he created in the 80’s during his studies at university remain among the most popular products of Osmia. The company has created over 40 different fragrances of their own that can’t be found in any other products in the world.

Lily of the Valley Inspiration

Lily of the Valley remains one of the best sellers of the Osmia range.

From the early days, the goal of Osmia has been to develop scents that are as natural as possible. The company uses either essential oils or other scented, natural oils that are self-made from beginning to end, depending on what is readily available from nature. A self-made scent oil is ecological and doesn’t burden the nature in the same way as the manufacturing of many other scented body care and home products on the market.

The skin care products and home scents are made in the Osmia factory in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. They also have a small workshop in the same location called “The Small Scent and Soap Factory.” Even the scents in the products themselves are made at the factory and workshop. Osmia soaps, shampoos and scent oils that don’t meet the appearance requirements to be taken to different distributors, but remain fully usable, are given to charity.

Beauty in Simplicity

Osmia oils capture the aromas of flowers, fruit, berries, wood and tree leaves in their pure, original form. They bring scents from the different seasons to your home. The aromas vary from fresh and floral summer notes to earthy and smoky, taking you to a remote forest in Lapland. Users have said that Osmia products bring back vivid childhood memories from lakeside saunas to ski trips and berry picking.

All of the Osmia products are responsibly manufactured in Finland, making them a great choice for a conscious consumer. They will bring you the authentic Nordic sauna experience wherever you are. The scented products follow the company’s philosophy; the aromas come out in a subtle hue, just like in the Finnish nature. Osmia believes that simple is beautiful. Eero Vänttinen still continues his work with trusted partners, with the same passion and respect towards nature.

If you want to learn more about our Osmia selection, you can browse the scents, shampoos and soaps by clicking on the link below:

Pine Imagery

Pine is a traditional sauna scent and loved by many Nordics.