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Midsummer 2020 In Finland

Jun 22, 2020

It’s midsummer (Juhannus) holiday time in Finland. With the onset of lighter days, bonfires (Kokko) are very common and are burned at lakesides and by the sea. Branches from birch trees are also placed on both sides of front doors to welcome visitors as white nights are short and the midnight sun envelopes the sky.

The light comes in great contrast to the darkness of winter and lots of Finns leave cities to spend time in the countryside. These days, many spend at least a few nights there, and some Finns take their whole vacation at a summer cottage enjoying cookouts, sauna and quality time together with friends or family. Considered amongst the best places to experience midsummer are Rovaniemi and Joensuu but many visit the likes of Seurasaari island in the capital city.

To celebrate the holiday, and with the impending opening up of hotels and guesthouses to the wider UK public at the start of July, we are offering a 20% discount on our specialist Stelon Oy sauna clean for a limited period. It’s ideal for keeping a home or commercial sauna looking pristine and well maintained.