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Jokipiin Pellava Sauna Linen Factory Visit in Finland

Jul 24, 2019

Linen has always been considered a vastly functional, luxury textile, able to be traced to ancient Egypt where it was a symbol of purity and wealth. In modern society it is valued for its soft and supple feel, and for its absorbent and insulating properties. As such it is the textile of choice for many sauna products, including towels, sauna seat coverssauna pillowshats and sauna gowns.

In November 2018 Finnmark Sauna travelled to Finland to visit Jokipiin Pellava, who have been manufacturing authentic, ecologically responsible sauna linens for over 100 years. While there, third-generation owner and director Timo Laurila walked us through their exquisite range of sauna products and textiles.

Made from a linen and cotton blend and used all over Europe in both public and private saunas, the textile is used to make stylish and luxurious sauna products. These products are specially designed to help absorb excess sweat and moisture whilst also providing excellent insulation against hot surfaces.

Watch this video to join Finnmark Sauna on a tour through the factory to see just how Jokipiin Pellava manufacture and produce the sauna textiles being enjoyed all over Europe.