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Introducing the New Narvi Trio Electric Sauna Heater!

Jan 01, 2017

The new Narvi Trio electric sauna heater is finally here!

The truly unique design of the Narvi Trio combines a steel base with a stone mass top to create a truly spectacular sauna heater. The shape of the Trio allows it to be located simply and easily in the corner of a sauna, but is equally well suited to be centrally placed or even sunken within the sauna benching with the assistance of a sauna heater flange.

The use of stone mass around the stone cage not only creates a refined aesthetic that compliments any sauna interior, but also provides an uncompromising löyly for an electric sauna heater. As any sauna enthusiast knows, the secret to the best löyly is a large stone capacity, so what better than to have the business end of your heater made from stone? Furthermore, the required safety distances for this heater are only 50mm, and thus can be located in even the smallest spaces with minimal distance to the wall.

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