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Finnmark Sauna awarded 2018 Sauna Business of the Year

Dec 20, 2018

For once we are speechless and everyone's feeling very humbled and so grateful. We are especially thankful to everyone who continue to support us!!

We at Finnmark Sauna were awarded '2018 Sauna Business of the Year' by the British Sauna Society, in association with Sauna From Finland and the International Sauna Association. The award was presented by Mika Meskanen, the Chair of the British Sauna Society who represent the I.S.A in the UK, last week.

During the presentation, Meskanen impressed upon the importance of building proper saunas.

“As popularity rises in the use of saunas, it’s important that we reward companies like Finnmark Sauna who best understand the doctrines of how to build saunas properly, the Finnish way. There is a lot of specialist knowledge that goes into building a sauna, and if you get it wrong, it is a stuffy and unpleasant sensation, rather than an enjoyable one.

Meskanen continued:

“Furthermore, if you ‘bodge’ a sauna build, you can end up seriously damaging the fabric of your house. Damp, mildew, interstitial condensation and even dry rot can take hold if you cut corners or use the wrong materials. It’s sad but many of the large and established UK spa companies are still not doing even the very basics of sauna construction correctly. Using the right kind of insulation, vapour sealing the space, using a heater with a large amount of stones that can have water poured on to it and having the space correctly ventilated, are all basic yet integral parts of sauna construction.

Referencing the recent publications on the reduction in Alzheimer’s & dementia risk, risk of contracting pneumonia and improvements in cardiovascular health, Meskanen summarises:

“Finally, if you’re someone who doesn’t like sauna, you’ve probably not tried a good one. I have never met someone who, after I have shown them a proper sauna experience with all these features, still didn’t like it afterwards. With all the health benefits that continue to be published, you’d be a fool not make regular use of a proper sauna!”

Sauna Business of the Year 2018

Finnmark Sauna’s MD, Jake Newport commented:

“I was totally speechless and overjoyed! We work so hard to ensure we do it right and it’s really gratifying to be rewarded for one’s hard work. We are not a ‘spa company’, we specialise in being the best at building saunas and focus on combining the traditional Finnish building practices with modern design techniques, including the use of virtual and augmented reality. It just goes to show, if you focus on doing things properly and impress upon quality in what you do, it pays off.”