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Finnmark Back at the World Sauna Forum

Nov 07, 2019

In October 2019, Finnmark was back at the World Sauna Forum – one of the biggest events of the year for Finnish sauna experience and internationalization. For this year’s events, we found ourselves in the sauna capital of the world: Tampere, Finland.

The World Sauna Forum started from a simple idea: to create an event for all authentic sauna businesses from across the world to come together and share their love of sauna, whilst also establishing strong and long-lasting business relationships. Since that initial idea, it has grown into a global network comprising developers, manufacturers, pioneers, and visionaries; 200 diverse companies all working for the authentic Finish sauna experience.

For this year’s events in Tampere, we had the honour of having one of our own sauna twins, Jake, on the Forum’s focal panel discussion – speaking alongside such sauna royalty as Tapio Pajuharju and Pekka Lettijeff (CEOs of Harvia and TylöHelo respectively) to name a few. It was a lively and engaging discussion, including such topics as the recent misplaced wave of enthusiasm for infrared saunas and the challenge for sauna companies of achieving both innovative design and authentic experience



The importance of the World Sauna Forum for small family-run companies such as Finnmark cannot be understated; it provides a platform for various sauna-centric companies to share knowledge and ideas, establish new relations, and take their businesses to new levels for both them and their clients. As always, we had an amazing time taking advantage of everything this brilliant event had to offer and we very much look forward to the return trip next year.