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Estonian Independence Day- The Year of Sauna

Feb 24, 2023

Estonia celebrates its 105th year of independence today. It is also the “the year of sauna” in Estonia. The sauna year aims to promote and spread sauna culture with all its wisdom and practices, whilst encouraging continued research behind the science of it.  

Year 2023 in Estonia will be dedicated to saunas by highlighting the valued traditions, habits and culture to initiate conversation. Saunas are celebrated across the country through different events and educational content. Even sauna lectures will be on offer through the sauna university. 


HUUM Electric Sauna Heater in an Estonian Sauna 2023 is dedicated to the sauna culture in Estonia. Image from HUUM.


The Sauna Year is dedicated to anyone with a connection to saunas. Throughout the history of Estonia, saunas have played an important role in the lives of its people. It is a deeply rooted practice in the culture and everyday life. For generations, saunas have been a place for physical and mental wellbeing and cleansing the mind and the body.  

You can find out more about the sauna year on the sauna2023 website