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Aufguss WM- World Championships 2023

Sep 12, 2023

The Aufguss WM- World Championships week has begun and lasts until Sunday 17th September at Satama Sauna Resort & Spa at lake Scharmützelsee in Germany. It is the first time UK takes part in the championships. Pavel Poliacek won the UK Championships at Rudding Park Spa in April this year and is now preparing for his debut at Satama Sauna.  

Aufguss Team UK Gowns - Finnmark Sauna

UK contestants wearing their gowns at the Aufguss Playoffs at the start of September in Farris Bad, Norway. 


Finnmark Sauna is the principal sponsor of the UK, and we are extremely excited for the event, supporting Pavel, the team and spreading the word of Aufguss. 

Aufguss briefly 

“Aufguss” is German for “infusion.” It is a multisensory sauna theater combining the use of essential oils, music, a storyline, ice and exceptional towel work. It is a choreographed performance people can enjoy whilst simultaneously experiencing the health benefits of sauna 

 Aufguss gear and UK flags - Finnmark Sauna

The Aufguss performance consists of multiple elements, including essential oils and ice. Image from Aufguss WM. 


The judging criteria consist of the following 7 categories:  

  • Professionality 
  • Increase of the heat 
  • Waving techniques 
  • Fragrances 
  • Theme and show-elements 
  • Emotions and creativity 
  • Team spirit 


Satama Sauna Resort & Spa 

This year’s championships are held at Satama Sauna Resort & Spa. The venue hosts 120 Aufguss Masters with returning participants from around the world, as well as new entrants from the UK and Switzerland. There are approximately 120 contestants and 102 shows spread over the week. The 160m2 Satama Aufguss theater sauna is powered by a huge 180kW heater and seats up to 200 people. 

 Practicing Aufguss towel work at Farris Bad - Finnmark Sauna

Finnmark's Jake Newport practicing towel techniques with the experts at the Farris Bad Aufguss playoffs. 

Where to follow Aufguss WM 2023  

You can follow UK’s Aufguss journey across social media @britishsaunasociety, @finnmarkltd and at

There is more information about Aufguss on the official website of British Sauna Society, and you can get in touch with us by clicking the link below if you are interested in an Aufguss Sauna for your spa or hosting next year’s UK Championships: 

Get in touch with us to enquire about Aufguss