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Sauna Health Benefits

Sauna Health. An Accurate and Evidenced Series Introduction

Jan 08, 2020

Why sauna? An accurate and evidenced series taking a close look at the physical, mental and social benefits of Finnish sauna

It is undeniable that sauna bathing has considerable health benefits. For thousands of years, it has been recognised as a place of healing and wellbeing by many countries, including Finland, Estonia, and Denmark.

In modern times, and as recognition becomes more and more widespread, innumerable studies have arisen dedicated to spotlighting the exact physiological effects of sauna bathing and their extent. Still, despite all the additional and comprehensive research sauna baths have been experiencing in recent years, there remains an unfortunately high amount of misinformation concerning what different saunas can or cannot do, and how well-evidenced the different health claims truly are. 

In many cases, this is due simply to companies trying to sell their products through any means necessary – something that is incredibly frustrating for authentic sauna companies like Finnmark. Although we are passionate about saunas and know that they indeed have many different and extensive benefits, we are not prepared to lie or exaggerate facts at the cost of our integrity. 

Instead, our mission is to help educate people around the world about all the real ways traditional Finnish saunas can help improve their lives, and thereupon enable as many people as possible enjoy an experience that has given us so much pleasure over the years. This is why we established our ‘Education First’ approach, and why we have committed to only stating facts we know to be true, based on our own experiences and backed-up with evidence gathered from peer-reviewed and credible scientific publications.

To this end, this series has been produced to help educate anyone who is interested in the extensive effects of frequent sauna use in a clear but comprehensive manner. It contains links to pages overviewing both the genuine benefits of sauna use and the benefits most frequently misunderstood or exaggerated. All these pages also contain links to relevant and comprehensive scientific articles at the bottom of each page. After reading, you should hopefully have a clear awareness of both the truth and the lies of sauna benefits. 

Factors positively affected by regular sauna use

  1. Cardiovascular health and disease, and stroke risk 
  2. Relaxation, stress reduction, and sleep improvement
  3. Mental health and socialisation
  4. Chronic fatigue and pain
  5. Exercise performance and muscle recovery
  6. Respiratory Disease, Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Factors that are often misunderstood

  1. Detoxification
  2. Fat loss
  3. Addiction

Note: If you wish to research any matters yourself (which we fully recommend) we advise using websites such as ‘Web of Science’ and ‘Science Direct’. These will provide you with a vast array of comprehensive scientific literature that has been thoroughly peer-reviewed and consists of reliable and substantiated information.

Further, we are aware that not all of the studies referenced use Finnish saunas specifically within their research, and some utilise much lower temperatures or humidity levels than is usual for a Finnish sauna. However, one of the major benefits of a Finnish sauna is that they are able to replicate the conditions of most other sauna kinds if required – along with providing many benefits of their own. Bathers have complete control of the heat and humidity through the use of a visible heater that can have water poured on and, as mentioned in our article comparing infrared and traditional sauna benefits, Finnish saunas actually produce more infrared radiation compared to actual infrared saunas. Hence, any benefits induced through the use of (for example) infrared saunas or Waon therapy are equally applicable to Finnish saunas.