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Design: Copper Adds Scandinavian Luxury to Sauna Design

Feb 08, 2019

Day 2, New York Fashion Week, today we look at the current trend of copper in both fashion and home-ware 

Earthy tones such as copper has been prevalent in Autumn/Winter collections and has continued into Spring 2019, the trend has also seen a huge resurgence in home-ware due to its affordability.

The copper trend has allowed designers to experiment with an array of new looks and textures over the past few seasons. Out go the clinical feel of chrome and steel, replaced by copper, providing a sophisticated but understated element of ‘cool’ to any space - a great way to contrast wood with an industrial element for that perfect finishing touch to any sauna.

Copper’s versatility has really allowed designers to experiment with a lot of new looks and in the past few seasons has moved designs on from just ‘pure’ copper to, mixing it with vivid block colour and contrasting materials such as wood to create a variety of feels from mid-century cool to Scandinavian luxury.

Copper is still a very desirable material with no sign of its appeal fading. Rento has added a copper colourway to their fantastic sauna accessory collection, it mixes copper with bamboo for a fantastic multi-textured look to any sauna.