Bespoke commercial outdoor sauna installation: The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge, Cumbria - The Lake District - Finnmark Sauna
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Bespoke commercial outdoor sauna installation: The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge, Cumbria - The Lake District

Oct 31, 2022

The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge, Cumbria - The Lake District

Following a multi-million-pound investment, The Swan Hotel and Spa in the picturesque Lake District has just produced an 8,000sq ft destination spa with six treatment rooms, as well as 30 new spa bedrooms – all perched on the shores of the River Leven at the tip of the beautiful Lake Windermere. We were asked to build an authentic Finnish sauna for the new set-up and, as usual, were not ones to shy away from the challenge.

The heater

The high quality Narvi Ultra Big large commercial electric sauna heater is ideal for the space. It’s an electric heater specified for large commercial saunas fitted in gyms, spas, hotels and wellness retreats and is the perfect electric sauna heater for regular day to day use. It’s a truly unique, one-of-a-kind commercial heater because no other sauna heater on the market combines the authentic Finnish sauna experience that comes with such a large stone capacity and with such an outstanding build quality and durability. When it comes to heating large authentic commercial saunas, there is simply no better option than the Narvi Ultra Big.

The technicals

We used a three-phase supply of 400Vac (7kW per phase) for the 21kW Narvi Ultra Big large Heater using five core steel wire armoured cable of 10mm2. We also used a single-phase 240Vac supply to power a maximum lighting load of 500W for lighting using a three core steel wire armoured cable protected by RCD.

Thermo pine

It’s important to only use pine that has been thermo-treated due to raw pine’s poor natural characteristics. Without such treatment, pine is highly unsuitable for use in sauna constructions as it belongs to the lowest durability class and weeps molten resin. Thermally treated pine does not suffer from any of these issues and is considered a durability class two timber; able to survive outdoors for up to 25 years.


In the UK, sauna use usually involves a short stint lasting 10 minutes. In Finland, you won’t find any sand timers on the wall at all. It’s about listening to your own body and if you get the temperature and humidity right, it’s heavenly. You’ll not only release endorphins, but you will also sleep like you haven’t slept since you were a teenager. We’ve helped the team at the Swan to make sure guests are making the most of their sessions by making sure instructions about using the sauna properly have been conveyed to staff at the Hotel.


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