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Bespoke commercial indoor sauna installation: Tottenham Hotspur Training Ground, North London

May 22, 2023

Our stunning commercial bespoke sauna installation Tottenham Hotspur Training Ground features warm golden brown coloured thermo alder interior and the noble soapstone cladded electric heater from Finnish manufacturer TulikiviDurability and style with modern design elements were the priorities in this high-end sauna. The sauna provides a recovery space to support the demanding training schedule and lifestyle of professional athletes. 



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Exercise recovery 

This sauna was designed for a Premier League Football club who wanted to incorporate a sauna into the training grounds to help with muscle recovery and overall performance of their players. As we have more recently witnessed in the media, research findings suggest that exercise recovery falls into one of the many health benefits of regular sauna bathing. Saunas have been found to positively support athletes’ training regimes by reducing the risk and likelihood of injuries and improving overall exercise performance 

Bespoke Sauna Installation Tottenham Hotspur - Finnmark SaunaSaunas have been found to support exercise performance and aid recovery. This sauna has a tap inside so the "löyly" water can be easily refilled. 


The club wanted an authentic sauna that is both stylish and durable. The refined interior of the sauna is cladded with thermo alder, which is a great choice for installations where durability is key. Thermally treated woods are dimensionally stable and do not rot or weep resin. The golden-brown colour is not only beautiful to the eye but also fairly easy to keep clean. We recommend a regular paraffin oil treatment to elongate the lifespan of any sauna wood.   

 Thermo aspen Bespoke Sauna Installation - Finnmark Sauna

Thermo alder has a knot free grain and a beautiful golden-brown tone.


The commercial grade Tuisku XL 18kW electric sauna heater with a Nobile soapstone finish is robust but doesn’t resemble chunky looking electric heaters traditionally found in gyms and spas. The heater has an elegant soapstone cladding and a digital controller for easy heating and timing adjustments. The soapstone cladding has a low surface temperature, allowing small safety distances to combustible materials. This makes it an excellent heater choice for high-end commercial saunas with a high turnover of visitors.  

 Bespoke Commercial Sauna Installation - Tottenham Hotspur - Finnmark Sauna

The Tulikivi Tuisku with a Nobile finish has a luxurious look and feel.


Modern finish 

Notable features in the sauna are subtle ceiling lights hidden around the edges. This creates a warm and dim ambiance perfect for relaxation. The frameless glass wall front also allows more light to come into the 2.4m x 2.4m sauna. An L-shaped seating set up with a step and floating benches allow space for three bathers lying down or up to nine bathers sitting. Floating benches create a modern, sleek look, which can also be admired from outside this sauna.

Bespoke Sauna Installation Tottenham Hotspur - Finnmark SaunaFloating benches open up seating space and create a modern look in the sauna. 



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