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Thermo Pine Sauna Wood Bench Boards 117mm (Pack of 4)

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Thermo Pine Sauna Bench Boards SHP 26x117mm by Kärävä (Pack of 4)

Our SHP Thermo Pine Sauna Bench Boards   

Our Kärävä SHP sauna wood bench boards are a sustainable and durable product that create beautiful results in any sauna. The SHP bench board profile is stable and stylish without compromising on comfort. These bench boards are well suited for your next DIY project or alternatively, we can also offer our Sauna Bench Fabrication Service to create your ideal sauna bench system.

About our Thermo Pine Bench Boards   

Our thermo pine has an appealing dark, chocolatey brown colour, which is achieved by heat-treating softwood applying Finnish expertise. During the process, steam is used as a protective gas to improve the timber's dimensional stability. The finished product is more resistant to humidity changes in comparison to untreated pine, and less prone to splitting or warping. The slightly toasted aroma of thermo pine is a result of this process. The natural knots of thermo pine appeal to many who wish to create a rustic look in their sauna and other interiors. 

Thermo Pine SHP Sauna Bench Board Dimensions     

Our SHP profile is the standard timber profile for sauna bench boards, which is a rectangular profile with radiused corners, usually R2, R3 or R4 (2mm, 3mm or 4mm radii on each corner). The bench board radius value pertains to the smoothness of the board edge (e.g. R2 = 2mm radius on bench board edge). The 26mm thickness of the bench boards is important to prevent warping and twisting over time.

Key information on your selected product:

  • Thickness: 26mm 
  • Width: 117mm 
  • Package Size: Pack of 4
  • Radius: R2

Please note that as a natural product, timber has some colour variation between different packs and batches.

We also offer different choices of timbers for your sauna bench system, depending on the overall aesthetic and style of your sauna. Click the following link to get to our wider SHP Sauna Wood Bench Board Collection for more timber varieties.   

About our Timber Supplier Kärävä 

Kärävä Oy is a family-owned company that was founded in 1988. They produce stunning timber cladding using high-quality materials, purchased directly from local sawmills. Their products are expertly manufactured by hand at their fully equipped carpentry workshop in Finland.  

If you want to learn more about this supplier and discover more products from Kärävä, click the following link: Our Timber Supplier Kärävä.

Wastage Allowance for Thermo Pine SHP Sauna Bench Boards

Our Thermo Pine sauna timber is of A-grade quality, characterised by their durable and low risk of splintering properties. As such, we recommend a wastage allowance of 20% for our thermo pine SHP sauna bench boards. This also takes into account any potential risk of damage that can occur during transportation.

Click the following link to get more information on Wastage Allowances and to use our interactive Bench Board Calculator.

Contact us to find out more about different sizes and quantities and if you are unsure how much you require for your sauna build.   

Shipping Information on Sauna Timber

Depending on the size and quantity of your sauna timber order, the shipping costs may vary and will be calculated at checkout. Shipping costs also differ between UK Mainland, Highland and Island postcodes. Many of our timber products will be shipped using a palletised shipping service due to their big and bulky nature and may require a kerbside drop or handballing off the freight vehicles. Please take time to read our Shipping and Delivery Information carefully before placing an order for our Thermo Pine SHP bench boards.

Please note that due to certain constraints of our shipping networks, we usually ship timbers of up to 2400m lengths, beyond those lengths the costs for shipping will increase quite significantly. If you do require longer timber lengths, our shipping calculator will indicate associated costs for such shipping.

If we do not have your required length, but have a longer length available, to avoid higher shipping rates, it is worth considering our cutting service. You will still need to purchase the full length, but for a small fee, we can cut this down to your desired length to help reduce shipping costs. The off-cut will be added onto the pallet.

For longer lengths or our cutting service, please call or email our Customer Service Team who will be happy to arrange alternatives (+44 (0) 20 8050 2895 or


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