Thermo Aspen Bench Module 140mm by Thermory Sauna Timber | Finnmark Sauna
Thermo Aspen Bench Module 140mm by Thermory Sauna Timber | Finnmark Sauna
Thermo Aspen Bench Module 140mm by Thermory Sauna Timber | Finnmark Sauna

Thermo Aspen Bench Module 140mm by Thermory

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Thermo aspen bench module front board by Thermory


Our thermo aspen bench module front board (140 mm)

The thermo aspen bench module with 140 mm finger-jointed and glued front board is a great choice for sauna benching. These ready-made sauna bench elements come in a variety of dimensions to suit your needs.  

Available dimensions 

Width: 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm 

Thickness: 140 mm

Length: 2.1 m and 2.4 m  


Ready-made sauna bench elements are ideal in DIY projects

You can learn more about our different bench options by clicking the following link: Ready- made sauna benches


About our thermo aspen sauna bench elements


Our thermo aspen is created by heat-treating the soft timber. The natural heat treatment reduces moisture levels of the wood, giving it a tough and rot resistant structure, which does not secrete resin in high temperatures and the moisture rich environment of a sauna. Thermo aspen has a pleasant, toasted scent and a honey-brown colouration. The grain of thermo aspen sauna wood products is straight and knot-free, making it a comfortable and stylish timber choice for a sauna.  

If you want to learn about the qualities of thermo aspen, click the following link: Thermo aspen sauna wood.  


    Our selection of ready-made bench modules are a great entry-level and budget friendly option for DIY-sauna projects. For high-quality, bespoke bench systems, custom made of market leading materials, opt for our Bench Fabrication Service.


    About our timber supplier Thermory  


    Thermory is renowned for being the largest manufacturer of thermally modified wood in the world. Founded in 1997 in Estonia, Thermory strives to provide sustainable sauna materials that are durable, elegant and functional. Their fully natural, chemical-free thermally modified wood is their stamp product, but their sauna wood selection has a large variety of untreated timber as well.      

    If you want to learn more about this supplier and discover more products from Thermory, click the following link: Our Timber Supplier Thermory


    Shipping information on sauna timber  


    Depending on the size and quantity of your sauna timber order, the shipping costs may vary and will be calculated at checkout. Shipping costs also differ between UK Mainland, Highland and Island postcodes. Many of our timber products will be shipped using a palletised shipping service due to their big and bulky nature and may require a kerbside drop or handballing off the freight vehicles. Please take time to read our Shipping and Delivery Information carefully before placing an order for our thermo aspen bench modules.  



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