Bespoke sauna installations

As a family business, our passion for authentic sauna experiences drives us.
We prioritize quality, sustainability, and the ultimate sauna experience. With exclusive partnerships with top sauna equipment producers in the Nordic and Baltic regions, we ensure beautiful, durable saunas.

Our unique sauna design and installation service offers a tailored approach. We guide you through endless options, customizing every aspect to your space while adhering to strict sauna construction principles for maximum enjoyment.
Meet Jake and Max Newport, founders of Finnmark Limited. Based in County Durham, UK, we embarked on this journey over a decade ago, inspired by the transformative power of authentic sauna experiences.

We strive to uphold their essence in all our installations. Through extensive research, we discovered a concerning lack of regulation in the UK sauna building industry.

Inexperienced builders and generic spa companies often use unsafe materials, posing serious health risks. We've witnessed improper insulation, inadequate ventilation, and hazardous design flaws. Our mission is to counter these issues by using specialized materials suitable for sauna temperatures. We prioritize proper ventilation, eliminating stuffiness. Fire risks caused by poor design choices are also a focus. Sadly, we often replace improperly built saunas, emphasizing the importance of doing it right the first time — the Finnmark way.