Sauna Trailer - HotBox Northern Ireland - Finnmark Sauna - Image by James Brown
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Sauna Trailer: Northern Ireland Vol 2

Nov 14, 2023

The HotBox Sea Sauna located at Northern-Ireland's Benone Beach, which opened to the public in May 2021, is attracting so many new sauna enthusiasts, that Anna and Carl Isaksson approached us for a second sauna trailer.  

The beautiful feature image is taken by James Brown, @case_productions_ on Instagram and provided to us by HotBox. 


Durable interior

As with all outdoor saunas and trailers located in the UK, a sturdy structure is fundamental. Using high-quality materials from room preparation to the wood type helps to protect the sauna from demanding weather conditions and high number of visitors. As such, durability inside out was key in this installation.  

We used thermo pine as the interior cladding, which was painted with black Supi Sauna wax for a darker aesthetic. The paint creates a stylish aesthetic and subtle contrast between the walls and the light golden brown benching. Thermo pine is a durability class 2 timber, making it far more dimensionally stable and long-lasting in comparison to untreated pine. Hence, it is better suited for saunas with many visitors throughout the week. It is also more resistant to dirt, which makes the maintenance easier. The natural knots characteristic to thermo pine generate a unique, rustic look to the interior. 

 Thermo pine sauna cladding in sauna trailer - Finnmark Sauna

Black painted thermo pine sauna cladding creates a unique look and stands out subtly from the golden brown thermo aspen benching. 


A two-tiered thermo aspen bench system facing the window allows visitors to comfortably enjoy a beautiful sea or countryside view, wherever the trailer is parked at. The benches are treated with paraffin oil to protect the surface of the wood.  

Thermo aspen is almost entirely knot-free, with an earthy, light to mid-tone burnt sienna hue. A unique and slightly challenging detail in this trailer was to create under bench storage accessible from the outside. We enjoy designing and building particular details like this one to enhance the overall sauna experience and were pleased with the outcome.  

Thermo aspen sauna benching in sauna trailer - Finnmark Sauna - Image by James Brown

Thermo aspen benching treated with paraffin oil. Image by James Brown. 


Wood burning tunnel heater 

We have used wood burning tunnel model sauna heaters in all of our sauna trailer installations. In our experience, feeding the firewood from outside the trailer is the easiest and safest way to heat up the sauna. The Narvi Black ST tunnel heats up this trailer.  

Narvi ST Tunnel Wood Burning Sauna Heater in Sauna Trailer - Finnmark SaunaThe wood burning ST tunnel heater by Narvi enables adding firewood from outside without having to disrupt the bathers.  


The splashback wall behind the heater decreases minimum required safety distances and creates a stylish design feature. Different types of stones and tiling solutions can be utilised in saunas in a variety of ways. The splashback in this HotBox trailer has a classy, minimalistic porcelain slate effect.

Narvi Black ST wood burning sauna stove and tiled splash back wall - Finnmark Sauna

A porcelain slate effect decorates the wall behind the wood burning Narvi stove.


SAAS Instruments- strip lighting 

The subtle lighting strips at the bench lips and backrest create an ambient mood and bring out the details of the thermo pine cladding and thermo aspen benching. Highline Sauna Viiva is designed and built by Finnish lighting manufacturer SAAS Instruments.

SAAS Highline Viiva Sauna Lighting Strips - Finnmark Sauna

SAAS Highline Viiva mounted into the bench lips and backrest. 


You can visit the the HotBox Sea Sauna website here to read more about the sauna trailers and services. 


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