Sauna Twins Podcast Episode #7: Deborah Carr | Finnmark Sauna - Finnmark Sauna

Sauna Twins Podcast Episode #7: Deborah Carr | Finnmark Sauna

Aug 04, 2023

In our seventh Sauna Twins podcast episode we welcome Deborah Carr to join us. Deborah is the expert when it comes to “Aufguss” and is one of the leaders of bringing this unique German sauna practice to the UK.  

We discuss the multisensory theatre of Aufguss and Deborah tells us about how she got introduced to the practice. She also gives us an insight on what to expect from the upcoming months in preparation of UK's journey to their first time in the World Aufguss Championships in Satama Spa, Germany. 


You can find follow UK’s journey to the World Aufguss Championships by visiting or by following @britishsaunasociety and @aufgusswm on Instagram. If you are a spa owner and want to know how Aufguss can complement your offering, you can get in touch with us or our friends at the British Sauna Society. 

Finnmark Sauna are the UK’s authentic sauna specialists. We understand the range of nuances to sauna bathing and sauna cultures in Finland and across the Baltic region, and pride ourselves for being the experts in the field. We specialise in bespoke sauna installations, modular sauna cabins and sauna equipment to ensure the best possible sauna experience tailored to your specific needs.    

The Sauna Twins Podcast – Sauna specialists share their expertise on everything sauna to enjoy an authentic experience and how to sauna the right way.    

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