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Bespoke outdoor sauna installation: Duntisbourne Rouse, Gloucestershire

Jul 30, 2021

Custom made

This stunning bespoke outdoor sauna installation at a large period property in rural Gloucestershire forms part of a wider wellness project which includes a swimming pool. The sauna features a striking curved bench which we custom made to fit into the curved wall contours of a converted outbuilding at the property. Our clients recently moved from London where they were both attached to a private members club. Naturally, they were keen to replicate the high-quality sauna and spa facilities they were used to when planning and building a relaxation retreat at their new home in the country. 

Curved bench

The beautiful curved upper bench, which comfortably sits up to five bathers, was achieved by highly skilled scribing and CNC routing with every piece of timber cut so it looks like it’s coming out the wall. The completed raised floor and upper bench sauna, which has a shower room and bathroom area next door, is used regularly and is now an important part of our clients daily relaxing ritual. 

Air circulation

The client chose attractive Karava thermo aspen wood for the installation. Thermally treating it to temperatures up to 240oC darkens its appearance and increases its durability, as well as adding a wonderfully toasted wood aroma.In this design, fresh room temperature air is brought in near the base of the heater and from under the glass door. Once heated, air rises and circulates around the room before being ducted out of the sauna opposite the heater, under the bench. We also included a vent in the ceiling. It can be opened either while using the sauna to regulate temperature or after a sauna session to dry out the room. Under-bench skirting gives a neat finnish by hiding the benches’ frame.

Quality materials

The Finnish made Narvi NC 9kW electric sauna heater fills the 15m3 room perfectly with enveloping steam. Its quality, durability and elegance set the heater apart from competitors in its class and a large stone capacity creates an impressive löyly for what is a fairly compact heater. This NC model, which is available in three different colours, helpfully comes supplied with a remote control unit for accurate temperature and timing adjustments. When considering lighting in a sauna, it is crucial to specify products that have been expertly designed specifically for the hugely demanding environment of a hot, humid environment. For this install we used LEDIFY Nauha IP67 LED strips in the backrests and benchlips.